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Show Those Pearly Whites

There’s no better sight than a beautiful woman laughing. How do YOU get a gorgeous woman to show those pearly whites? http://blog.anastasiadate.com/?p=629
Anna adores movies about love and passionate moments. Can you be the one to give her a real life movie moment? http://bit.ly/19zIzvA (ID: 1740545)

Nice Guys May Not Finish Last After All

We’ve heard all too many times that “nice guys finish last" but being nice may not be the issue after all..... http://blog.anastasiadate.com/?p=562


Love Knows No Boundaries

"Age is nothing but a number when it comes to loving someone." http://blog.anastasiadate.com/?p=571

European Women: The Creme De La Creme

Our AnastasiaDate beauties are enough proof that European women (Ukrainian Women and Russian Women are our preference of course) are the creme de la creme of the dating world, but here's even more proof in case you need it: http://blog.anastasiadate.com/?p=552

Your Blueprint to Flirting

Having trouble concentrating because the woman you're on a date with to is just THAT gorgeous (and of course interesting)? Don't get nervous, we have a step-by-step guide to flirting for you, courtesy of Antonio Sabato Jr. that will help both you and your date enjoy a more intimate and fun experience: http://blog.anastasiadate.com/?p=490

Beautiful Woman: Ekaterina

Fun Fact: Ekaterina can play the flute professionally! And that's only ONE of her many fine qualities! Chat with her to find out what other interests she has! http://bit.ly/19VdjGu (ID: 1743184)

Dress to Impress

We know that fashion may be more of a foreign concept to some men than international dating, so here's a few tips to looking "spiffy" so you can impress your AnastasiaDate when she lays her eyes on you: http://blog.anastasiadate.com/?p=338

Love Storylove

Nathan Adams proves that love can be found on AnastasiaDate! He was quoted as saying that his "Ukrainian bride-to-be makes him feel like he's won the jackpot, adding: 'Dating Elena is like dating a model . . . who has the values of my grandmother.'" Who doesn't want those qualities in a wife? Find your success with AnastasiaDate and tell us about it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e64ejJ0n31s

Gorgeous Girl: Polina

Polina is self-confident, classy, cheerful, and don't forget charming and cute! She wants someone who can make her feel like she's the only one for you. Can you be "the best friend, a husband and a lover to share all the great things in life" that Polina is looking for? bit.ly/18zvWfq (ID: 1742797)

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